Building Value

How much building value will proper insulation add?

The answer is, of course, it depends. As we have discussed, the effective R-Value of insulation can vary greatly depending on several factors, and proper installation is supremely important, for any type of insulation.  Considering that Stabilized Cellulose and R-Foam insulation are 20-50% more effective at stopping heat transfer than fiberglass insulation, then that translates directly into energy cost savings.   It follows that a building that requires less money to heat and cool will be more attractive to potential buyers, thus increasing your building value.

But, values rise and fall with markets.  Even if you’re not planning to sell, how do you value peace of mind?  The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have maximized and optimized your investment dollars.  You have created an air-tight envelope around your structure that will not settle, break-down, or fail over time under normal conditions.  You will not have to worry again  about unseen air gaps that leak dollars out of your structure with each heating or cooling season.

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