R-Foam Health & Safety

More reasons why R-Foam Health & Safety make it a “green” product

According to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), for the three components used in its application, R-Foam has minimal odor, does not off-gas, and will not contaminate the indoor air quality of your building or home.  R-Foam can be applied wearing only a dust mask for particle inhalation when either cutting the foam, or mixing the dry components, and gloves for contact with the resin or catalyst used in its installation.  The formaldehyde content of R-Foam is less than 0.25%.

R-Foam is not listed as a carcinogen, does not spill or leak, and requires no special handling procedures.  It is not considered a HAZMAT substance by the Department of Transportation, and therefore does not require special transport considerations or placards.

If you care about R-Foam Health & Safety, then you’ll be pleased to know that health hazards are virtually non-existent with this product.

R-Foam is safe to install, safe for your building, and safe for its inhabitants.

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