R-Foam Performance

R-Foam performance is among the best, and greenest, in its class

In comparison to competitive brands of injection foam, R-Foam has:

  • 30-40% higher resin content – ¬†higher foam density
  • R-16 Value in 2×4 wall
  • R-24 Value in 2×6 wall
  • Lower water content – less moisture in wall cavity
  • Formulated with chemical cross linkers – less foam shrinkage (less than 0.5%)minimal-shrinkage
  • Contains 3 EPA Listed Antifungal Additives
  • Product testing that meets code requirements (R-Foam does not use test results borrowed from other products)
  • Class 1 Fire Rating when tested at the code-mandated foam thickness of 4-inches nominal (3.5 inches actual)
  • Superior sound absorption qualities
  • Versatile – can be installed in new construction or as retrofit, residential or commercial
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