R-Foam Features

Retrofit Spray Foam Insulation for Residential Applications (R-Foam)

R-Foam is non-expanding injection foam that can be injected into walls of existing homes.  R-Foam is versatile. It can be used to re-insulate older homes that contain little or no insulation, even if the wall cavity is partially filled with old, ineffective insulation. R-Foam does what others cannot, flowing through empty space and across old material to fill the wall cavity.  R-Foam can be injected into the wall cavity from either the interior or from the exterior of the home. It can even be installed behind existing brick.

R-Foam is biodegradable and excess foam is easily cleaned up and disposed of.  R-Foam is a Class A building material that meets or exceeds all testing requirements of current building standards.

R-Foam foam solves the problem of drafty walls in poorly insulated homes. 

Quick Facts About R-Foam:

  • R-16 R-Value when properly installed in a 2×4 stud wall
  • R-24 in a 2×6 stud wall
    R-Foam being installed into a wall cavity with pre-existing fiberglass insulation
  • Class I Fire Rating – flame and smoke resistant
  • Virtually no shrinkage (less than 0.25%)
  • Higher density foam for its class – 4.5 pounds per square inch compression strength
  • Can be installed in walls with pre-existing or non-existent insulation
  • Less than 0.25% Formaldehyde content
  • Formaldehyde off-gassing below detectable limit
  • Contains Antifungal Agents
  • Can be installed from exterior or interior
  • Biodegradable – easy cleanup
  • Low water content means less moisture in walls
  • Non-expanding foam
  • Meets all Code requirements

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